REGANPEPE A birthday gift from @Alth0tas


After receiving the complete supply of REGANPEPE as a birthday gift from legendary artist @Alth0tas, it didn’t feel right stuffing them all into a dispenser or furiously giving them away, so I decided to give people the opportunity to earn them. I have however listed one single REGANPEPE of the supply of 69 in a dispenser for 0.35BTC the age I turned on my birthday when receiving the card to set the floor price of this stunning piece of work!

To earn this dank pepe simply come find me and prove I exist and I am not some sentient AI plotting to take over the world. Simply shake my hand, sign a message and the card will be sent to an address of your choosing!

Please note only one card per person will be awarded.

Feel free to get in contact with me on telegram my username is @reganhimself