A short history of Bobo.

Bitcoin Stamp #29

Bobo is one of the early <50 Stamps born after being invited to the stamps dev group. It started out as a bit of an experiment as I tried minting it using some python I had written. However, mafs is hard and i miss calculated the fees which meant that this bobo ended up floating around in the mempool for around 5 days!

The SPENDME bobo is a Named Stamp and the first “Key Burned” Asset. This bobo was created as a proof of concept which has since been adopted by Bitcoin Stamps. Key burn was a collaboration between myself and B0Bsmith which prevents any multisig outputs which were used to encode the asset data from being spent. More info can be found here

Bitcoin Stamp #17538

This bobo was created as the first key burned Bitcoin Stamp. Similar to spend me this was a proof of concept which set in motion key burn being implemented in the stamps minting app and made a requirement for any SRC token creation.

Stamp number 18537 was the BOBO SRC-20 Deploy. This was the 4th SRC-20 token to have been deployed. It was among the first of the tokens to get its own custom background. Unfortunately it minted out extremely quickly and i was only able to mint 100k myself!


Bobo mini collection.