A short history of Bobo.

Bitcoin Stamp #29

Bobo is one of the early <50 Stamps born after being invited to the stamps dev group. It started out as a bit of an experiment as I tried minting it using some python I had written. However, mafs is hard and i miss calculated the fees which meant that this bobo ended up floating around in the mempool for around 5 days!

The SPENDME bobo is a Named Stamp and the first “Key Burned” Asset. This bobo was created as a proof of concept which has since been adopted by Bitcoin Stamps. Key burn was a collaboration between myself and B0Bsmith which prevents any multisig outputs which were used to encode the asset data from being spent. More info can be found here

Bitcoin Stamp #17538

This bobo was created as the first key burned Bitcoin Stamp. Similar to spend me this was a proof of concept which set in motion key burn being implemented in the stamps minting app and made a requirement for any SRC token creation.

Stamp number 18537 was the BOBO SRC-20 Deploy. This was the 4th SRC-20 token to have been deployed. It was among the first of the tokens to get its own custom background. Unfortunately it minted out extremely quickly and i was only able to mint 100k myself!


Bobo mini collection.

Donation BOBO
This Bobo was made specially for B0B Smith to help support him and his dev contributions to stamps and counterparty. He is a jolly good guy and a true bitcoin enthusiast working for the love of the chain. This bobo was created to help reward him with some well deserved beer tokens.

Guest BOBOs

Kicking off the guest bobos and what better way to start then with a Nexus bobo brought to you by @Alth0tas. Not only is Alth0tas a dope stamp artist he is a Dank / Fake / Notable Artist and has been smashing out grails since he started.

The second guest BOBO artist is none other then Dank Rare, Fake Rare and Notable pepe artist @VSTRVL! Well known for his style with crypto and death themed gif loops. He started out on Tezos but found his way to BTC and of course Bitcoin Stamps!

The third guest bobo artist is Chrome Void, also known for his work in Fake Rares. Chrome Void’s distinctive style pulls from different corners of the internet, art history and meme culture, bringing frogs and bobos together at the intersection of art and technology.

From the remote little Bosnia comes this Mfer, he loves coffee and cigarettes more than anything.
Is born in the meme juice and nothing is sacred to him he laughs at everything.

Kero the meme lord will bonk you all!